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Honour Hand FC

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Indigenous Peoples are preyed upon and we are disappearing by the 1000s. We are often on the receiving end of physical attack, verbal attack and unfair judgement from the majority. We have to work harder to prove ourselves and when we speak up we are labelled. 

In spite of all this, we rise. We rise together, we lift each other up and we know that we are warriors. We are educators, we are being educated, we are entrepreneurs, we are decision makers, we are life givers, we know that we are the heart beat of our nations. 
This mask acknowledges the failed attempt to silence Indigenous Peoples. The feathers represent Peace and Respect for those who have fallen.

All proceeds from this mask will go towards the continued efforts to help families of MMI Peoples and other charities.

Custom printed double knit face coverings keep you safe and comfortable for all day use! Featuring:

• Made from our super stretchy double knit poly
• Available in 2 youth and 3 adult sizes to suit a variety of face shapes
• Double layer of tightly knitted fabric that appears as a single layer
• Precision cut edges to replace ties and elastics
• Vibrant prints are completely permanent

* Be cautious if you are prone to skin allergies as these coverings are 100% polyester