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Chilkat FC

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Originating from the Gitxsan, the Chilkat robe is now lovingly created by the Tsimshian, Haida, Tlingit, Gitxsan and other Indigenous peoples. These robes made it to other nations via trade and marriage. The original robes were made from approximately 8 pounds of goat fur which was then hand rolled with cedar. This created a sturdy garment that would prove to last generation upon generation. Each robe can take about 9 months to 2.5 years to make. Today, the Chilkat and Ravenstail weaver number below 50 and this is an art that is at risk of becoming extinct. 
There is no real definition as to how the artist came up with the forms in this art. I personally studied many robes to try to get a feel for the form and the flow of the art. This is the result. This is my homage to an artform that is so very beautiful and to the weavers of today who have taken on this lifelong journey.
The chilkat art style is also being recreated by foreign companies and sold for profit - culturally appropriated. Please be sure you are buying this art form created and made by an Indigenous person/company.


Custom printed double knit face coverings keep you safe and comfortable for all day use! Featuring:

• Made from our super stretchy double knit poly
• Available in 2 youth and 3 adult sizes to suit a variety of face shapes
• Double layer of tightly knitted fabric that appears as a single layer
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* Be cautious if you are prone to skin allergies as these coverings are 100% polyester