Gitxsan Formline

Formline is the foundation of my artwork. I love my Gitxsan formline. So simple, yet so provocative, so persuasive and alluring. Formline draws your eye around the garment and awakens your Spiritual eyes to so much more. 

Form line is a part of my art that is 1000's of years old. The form line was vetted thousands of years ago as a part of or a complete work of art by high ranking chiefs. As each apprentice artist created his masterpiece he did so knowing if may not get to the front of a long house or it may not be displayed in public.

It is because of this vetting process I take each form I create with very seriously. What mastery to transcend the generations! The dart is very simple yet so demanding as it draws your eye and insists you continue your gaze to the next dart and so on.

The darts on Finawear clothing sends energy down into the earth where it can be rejuvenated and sent back out to be used again. 

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