Product Production: Each unique article of clothing or accessory is produced on demand and is custom made for you. With this in mind, expect to receive your purchase between 2-4 weeks - based on Canadian business days. The expected wait time is 2 weeks from ordering. Each product is hand sewn and printed in Canada. Many of the fabrics are made in Canada too! 

Returns: Each piece is custom made, please be sure to take measurements and match them with the size chart that is on each product. We do not carry inventory so each piece is made based on your order. Therefore, we do not refund any orders. If there is no chart, send me a message and we will help you. We will not do refunds due to you choosing the wrong size. 

Decoration of garment: Each garment is decorated using dye sublimation. You may see specs on your garment and that is normal for the process. However, the products come out beautifully and these specs are barely noticeable. Each garment goes through 9 phases of quality control, should your garment have an obvious smear, as does sometimes happen, take a picture and email it to info@finawear.ca. We will assess the error on a case by case basis. 

The art: Each product features authentic Indigenous art created by me, Shar Wilson, Gitxsan artist! When I draw, I feel I am in Spirit that immerses me in the strength of my ancestors, the love of my family and my son, Jordan, who have gone on to their next journey. I heard an Elder explain that he, too, is now my Ancestor. The profound effect this comment had on me brought me forward in my journey.

Cultural Appreciation: Finawear was created and designed for everyone to wear. Each design has a story and when you wear my designs you are stewards of my story, you are supportive in an Indigenous Woman Entrepreneur. I am a status card holding Gitxsan and am listed in the Indian Registry of Canada - yes, there is such a thing. So, thank you for buying Authentic Indigenous owned products owned by Authentic Indigenous peoples.

Cultural appropriation is when a non-Indigenous person sells Indigenous products and benefits financially off of the sale. The artist is not fairly compensated because fair is 25% of total sales. These sellers use words like "fair royalty" but never state the royalty, or they are 'self identified' Indigenous but cannot connect to the nation they say they are from, or they were 'adopted into a nation'. That may be true but that does not allow them to sell the art and profit off of it. This is a real issue for us Indigenous Artists in North America as we deal with carvings mass produced off-shore, or beaded work made by children in foreign countries, or leggings and other apparel created by non-Indigenous people. When you think about the gap in wealth, it's shameful how this continues to happen.  

So, #sharwilson #Finawear #AuthenticIndigenous #WearableIndigenousArt are the hashtags of this brand. FINA is pronounced 'fee-nah' and I went BrAngela and used the first 2 letters of First and Nation to come up with FINA. Not the best creation story but it works.   

FINAWEAR. "Elevating our Sameness"