Indigenous Warriors

Indigenous Peoples are preyed upon and we are disappearing by the 1000s. We are often on the receiving end of physical attack, verbal attack and unfair judgement from the majority. We have to work harder to prove ourselves and when we speak up we are labelled as bullies or stubborn.

In spite of all this, we rise. We rise together, we lift each other up and we know that we are warriors. We are educators, we are educated, we are entrepreneurs, we are decision makers, we are life givers, we know that we are the heart beat of our nations. 

As Indigenous peoples, we have been described by many words. Indian (as in the Indian Act), Aboriginal, First Nation, First Peoples, Native, Indian of non-destinction and so on. 

I am Indigenous. I am of this land. I am proud of that. Teach your children right away that they are beautifully Indigenous! 

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