The Eagle

The Bald Eagle is common in all Coastal Nations. These birds of prey have impressive hunting and fishing skills, you can often see a Bald Eagle hunting along the coastal shoreline.

In Indigenous art and mythology, the Eagle in an important being. It is respected for its' intelligence, power and it's ability to see beyond realms. I believe that the Eagle is able to travel between worlds and carries a strong feeling of hope when you see one soaring high above you. I, personally, have witnessed Eagles soaring high in the sky as we prepare to say good bye to a loved one and when we are thinking of a loved one passed on. Because of this ability, the Eagle is often said to carry messages from loved ones.

In my art, the Eagle represents strength, intelligence, peace and power. In my culture, the Eagle is one of the clans in our Gitxsan nation. The Eagle's feathers and down are very sacred. To be in receipt of a feather is to be acknowledged for your work within the Indigenous community. To be in a down cloud that is formed when dancers dance with down in their regalia is to be acknowledged for being a witness to an event and to be blessed.   

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