The Killerwhale

The Killerwhale (or orca) is the Protector of the Water or Sea Wolf. No matter how many times I have seen a killerwhale, or been in the middle of many pods, or watched them play and hunt I am always awestruck when I am in the presence of these magnificent creatures. 

Some believe that Killerwhales inhabit ancient villages deep in the ocean and shed their black and white skins and live as humans there. In some cultures, when a chief dies, Killerwhales will come close to shore to carry the chief's spirit on the last leg of his or her journey.  
Like the wolf, the Killerwhale are familial and are always seen in pods. Because it is the protector and a Sea Wolf I have a 'watcher' in my killerwhales' dorsal fin and a wolf within its' body. 

I love the Killerwhale and love the environment in which it lives. My ancestral name, which was carried by my grandmother and many grandmothers before, is Wii' hlbuun. It translates to the 'splash made by the whale's tail as it hits the surface of the ocean'. Love and Light. 

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