Wii'hlbuun (that's me!)

My Ancestral name is Wii'hlbuun and I hail from the Frog clan in the house of Ladaax. I am Gitxsan with Nisga'a lineage. My name translates to "the big splash made by the Whale's tail as it hits the ocean surface".

I remember my Gran, Nora, explaining the meaning of the name to me. She held her right hand in front of her bent left arm and dropped her left hand onto her right hand making a loud smacking noise. "It's a big splash, Lene". She knew I would have the name and made sure I knew what it meant.  

I have one design that I call Wii'hlbuun and you can see it on the kimono and abstracts on leggings. I will be adding more chilkat art to my collection. 

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